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Minor Saint of Postminimalism

Minor Saint of Postminimalism

Epilogue Minor Saint of Postminimalism
Barry Le Va
Michael Maizels
University of Minnesota Press

The Epilogue addresses Le Va's historical position, examining the way in which a kind of “minor status” has been ascribed to him since almost the beginning of his career. It suggests that while a number of factors likely contributed to Le Va’s comparative lack of renown the best explanation is Le Va’s own demonstrated reticence to pursue a higher artistic profile. This must be understood not only as an expression of an individual’s understandable desire to work outside of the limelight but also as a part of a critique of the mechanisms of art world fame. By not seeking a place in the pantheon of great artists, Le Va insists on a kind of art history—multiple, fragmented and temporary—that echoes his own work.

Keywords:   Barry Le Va, career, historical position, renown, artistic profile, art world fame, reticence, art history

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