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The Aftermath, Again

The Aftermath, Again

Five The Aftermath, Again
Barry Le Va
Michael Maizels
University of Minnesota Press

This chapter examines the frequent re-staging of Le Va’s art, which has been ongoing since the early 1970s. It interprets these re-stagings as historical precursors to the increasingly important museum recreations of ephemeral or site-specific works from the 1960s and 1970s. It analyses Le Va's reconstructed installations not as secondary imitations of earlier pieces but rather as later elaborations of open-ended works. Le Va’s strategies of repetition and reconstruction thereby become an additional means of undermining the singular and contained presence of sculpture that animated his work at the outset of his career.

Keywords:   Barry Le Va, re-staging, site-specific works, reconstructed installations, open-ended works, repetition, reconstruction, sculpture, animated, career

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