Coproducing AsiaLocating Japanese-Chinese Regional Film and Media

Coproducing AsiaLocating Japanese-Chinese Regional Film and Media

Stephanie DeBoer

Print publication date: 2015

ISBN: 9780816689491

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press


This book provides a series of contexts and framings for addressing the contingencies, inequities, and fissures of regional co-production as it constructs an “Asian” film and media geography whose locations are repeatedly reconfigured. It addresses three moments, from the beginning of the Cold War to the new millennium, in which regional co-productions have been significant to transnational East Asian film and media. In so doing, it provides a series of genealogical frames of entry into regional co-production, as it has been repeatedly reconfigured across decades, locations, imaginaries, and scales of production. The insights of this book are based in the author’s training in film and media as well as cultural studies. They are also based in extensive archival research as well as interviews with producers–in both Japanese and Chinese language materials, and across the media capitals of the region–in what one reviewer has called a “truly gargantuan” effort in research.