Black Women against the Land GrabThe Fight for Racial Justice in Brazil

Black Women against the Land GrabThe Fight for Racial Justice in Brazil

Keisha-Khan Y. Perry

Print publication date: 2015

ISBN: 9780816683239

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press


This book offers a depth of ethnographic work that makes the following theoretical interventions: (a) to emphasize the significance of Brazil in the formation of the African Diaspora with specific attention to black women as social and political agents; (b) to highlight the political life of black communities, specifically those in urban contexts oftentimes represented as socially pathological and politically bankrupt; and (c) to offer a corrective perspective on how we think about politics by focusing on grassroots social movements in neighborhoods as key sites of struggle. The book describes in great detail the neighborhood association in Gamboa de Baixo located on the coast in the city-center of the northeastern city of Salvador. Local activists have been key in the city-wide movement for land and housing rights, and the geographic location of the neighborhood is crucial for understanding the gendered racial aspects of urban renewal and the formation of black women-led social movements. It makes connections between the local, national and international politics of race, gender and the modernization of global cities and provides an example of the kinds of resistance movements that have emerged as a result.