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Archiving Disappearance

Archiving Disappearance

From Michelangelo Antonioni to New Media

(p.75) Chapter Four Archiving Disappearance
The Heretical Archive
Domietta Torlasco
University of Minnesota Press

Drawing on Poloni’s multimedia installation The Desert Room and the work of Bernard Stiegler, chapter Four (“Archiving Disappearance”) examines the fragile texture of the film trace and its ultimate disappearance within our contemporary media archives, which have been emerging without controlling authors or distinguishable borders. Here cinema returns as an impersonal subject, a subject that might eventually fade out and vanish.

Keywords:   Media, Arts, Film, Theory, Psychoanalysis, Jacques Derrida, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Antigone, Feminist theory, Agnès Varda

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