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It’s More Complicated Than It Looks

It’s More Complicated Than It Looks

(p.163) Chapter 8 It’s More Complicated Than It Looks
Minnesota's Miracle
Tom Berg
University of Minnesota Press

This chapter is concerned with the internal politics within the DFL House Caucus, including complaints about Irv Anderson’s performance as majority leader, which resulted in a serious battle for his position. Bill Kelly, Ray Faricy, and Tom Berg, along with many others, nominated Neil Haugerud to take on Anderson for the position; the latter ultimately prevailed in a close secret ballot vote. The focus of attention however was not on the caucus leaders but on the new governor, Rudy Perpich, and how he continuously attracted media coverage with his impulsive actions. The legislature proceeded at a slow and contemplative pace for the next two months, although still working on various bills concerning state funds, the Regional Development Act, and federal-state relations.

Keywords:   DFL Caucus House, Irv Anderson, Neil Haugerud, Rudy Perpich, state funds, Regional Development Act, federal-state relations

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