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Legislating a Miracle

Legislating a Miracle

(p.31) Chapter 4 Legislating a Miracle
Minnesota's Miracle
Tom Berg
University of Minnesota Press

This chapter details the fundamental aspects involved in the historic 1971 session that changed Minnesota’s fiscal policy. It took the actions of a firm governor, compromise, bipartisan support, and the longest special session in the state’s history to complete a revision that served Minnesota’s schoolchildren well for years. The restructuring of the state’s fiscal policy involved amendments to the taxes and revenue distribution, repealing of the existing abortion law, establishment of a housing policy, election of the Board of Regents, and formulation of the so-called “legislative days.” The latter part of the chapter discusses how the judicial branch participated in the reapportionment of the legislature.

Keywords:   fiscal policy, 1971 special sessions, taxes, revenue distribution, Minnesota abortion law, housing policy, Board of Regents, legislative days, reapportionment

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