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Life in the Minority Caucus

Life in the Minority Caucus

(p.19) Chapter 3 Life in the Minority Caucus
Minnesota's Miracle
Tom Berg
University of Minnesota Press

This chapter initially recounts the life of Minority Leader Martin Olav Sabo, leading up to his involvement in politics. Sabo’s legislative life started when he was elected into the Minnesota legislature, gaining experience through observation and learning from his older colleagues such as Wendell Anderson, Bob Latz, and Lloyd Duxbury. After being reelected as minority leader in 1970, Sabo intended to assemble a team that could win control of the House, and reform legislative procedures. Sabo and his new caucus colleagues Joe Graba, Bill Kelly, Ray Faricy, Tom Berg, and assistant minority leader L. J. Lee often held legislative meetings, discussing issues such as the governor’s staff and various committee chairs. Sabo’s ten-year legislative career was all about eliminating unfair legislative rules.

Keywords:   Martin Olav Sabo, Joe Graba, Bill Kelly, Ray Faricy, Tom Berg, L. J. Lee, minority party, Minnesota Legislature, legislative rules

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