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Where Do We Go from Here?

Where Do We Go from Here?

(p.215) Chapter 10 Where Do We Go from Here?
Minnesota's Miracle
Tom Berg
University of Minnesota Press

This chapter is concerned with the status of the government and economy since 1980. In Minnesota, the Democrats controlled the state senate throughout the period, while the House went back and forth between DFL and Republican control until the Republicans dominated both the House and the Senate in a surprising 2010 election win. Furthermore, there was an antigovernment frame of mind in parts of the state that could not be ignored, causing fiscal and political problems in 2011, and eventually resulted in a government shutdown. Such breakdowns make it clear that changes must be made through discussion and compromise, as it has been a part of history since the beginning of the Constitution.

Keywords:   federal government, Minnesota Legislature, Democrats, Republicans, antigovernment, government shutdown

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