Minnesota's MiracleLearning from the Government That Worked

Minnesota's MiracleLearning from the Government That Worked

Tom Berg

Print publication date: 2015

ISBN: 9780816680528

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press


Social upheaval, political gridlock, and controversies over taxes, the environment, and an unpopular war: the state of Minnesota in 1968 was a lot like the state of America today. This book’s account of the making of legislative history at the state level and relationships with federal and local governments has much to tell us about where we stand as a nation and how change happens. A firsthand look into the political and personal mysteries and realities that make real and significant differences in people’s lives, this book provides a civics lesson and legislative primer with a rare kick—it’s as rollicking as it is relevant. The book tells the stories behind changes made in legislative policies and programs during a critical decade, describing the key players, their emotions, the politics they employed, their electoral wins and losses, the impact of national politics when Walter Mondale was elected vice president, and the role of important court decisions. It was a time of partisanship, high emotions, violent protests, heated controversy, and outright political fights over issues that continue to haunt us; but it was also a time when government functioned well, in what Time Magazine called “A State That Works.”