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Literary Cannibals

Literary Cannibals

Suzanne Césaire and Maryse Condé

(p.141) 5 Literary Cannibals
The Tropics Bite Back
Valérie Loichot
University of Minnesota Press

Chapter Five examines the essays written by Suzanne Césaire, a clairvoyant Caribbean writer often relegated to the margins of Negritude. Césaire, I argue, through her theory and practice of literary cannibalism (especially in her literary relationship with surrealist André Breton), pioneers the notions of creolization and Caribbeanness later claimed by Glissant. The chapter ends with a reading of Maryse Condé’s Story of the Cannibal woman, which performs the death of literary cannibalism as it trumpets its apogee.

Keywords:   Caribbean, Culinary, Creolization, Glissant, African Diaspora, Exile, Global South, Sexuality, Cannibalism, Material culture

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