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Sexual Traps

Sexual Traps

Dany Laferrière and Gisèle Pineau

(p.103) 4 Sexual Traps
The Tropics Bite Back
Valérie Loichot
University of Minnesota Press

Chapter Four examines the nexus between cannibalism, sexuality, and writing in a genre that I call “fake pornography” or “sexual traps.” Haitian-Canadian author Dany Laferrière and Guadeloupean-Parisian author Pineau entice readers into their texts by a surface sexual titillation, serving them, instead of the anticipated sexual pleasure, a spectacle of racial violence that alters black masculinities and femininities, culminating in the act of lynching. The authors, I suggest, are themselves entrapped in their own device since they fail to reach a liberating eroticism.

Keywords:   Caribbean, Culinary, Creolization, Glissant, African Diaspora, Exile, Global South, Sexuality, Cannibalism, Material culture

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