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Not Just Hunger

Not Just Hunger

Patrick Chamoiseau and Aimé Césaire

(p.29) 2 Not Just Hunger
The Tropics Bite Back
Valérie Loichot
University of Minnesota Press

Chapter Two examines the ways in which the state of hunger in Martinique from plantation slavery to WW2, to Departmentalization, paradoxically led, not to paralysis, but to a florishing cultural production and creolization. I explore this paradox in the Creole Folktales collected by Chamoiseau and Lafcadio Hearn, In Aimé Césaire’s Cahier d’un retour au pays natal, and in contemporary political manifestos on consumption and political dependence.

Keywords:   Caribbean, Culinary, Creolization, Glissant, African Diaspora, Exile, Global South, Sexuality, Cannibalism, Material culture

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