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Conclusion Energizing Freedom

Conclusion Energizing Freedom

(p.155) Conclusion Energizing Freedom
Matthew T. Huber
University of Minnesota Press

This book presents the deep cultural and historical roots of the linkage between energy and a particular spatial experience of freedom. This concluding chapter specifically analyzes the ways in which oil powers this neoliberal vision of freedom, as well as speculates on the significant role of energy in Marx’s so-called “realm of freedom” in a society beyond capital. It also states that the biggest obstacles to energy change are the cultural and political structures of feeling that have been produced through regimes of energy consumption. The effort to move “beyond oil” is not only a struggle over a fuel, or a technology, but a campaign for the visibility of the social and collective forces that make any “life” possible.

Keywords:   energy, neoliberal freedom, oil, realm of freedom, energy change, energy consumption

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