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E Kore Au e Ngaro

E Kore Au e Ngaro

(p.191) Conclusion E Kore Au e Ngaro
Once Were Pacific
Alice Te Punga Somerville
University of Minnesota Press

This chapter examines the implications and significance of the project Once Were Pacific. It discusses the written, English-language, scholarly, and university context of the connections between Māori and the Pacific, and analyzes the reworked chronology of published writing by colonized people. The chapter also talks about Tupaia, a Polynesian navigator in the 1700s, and his painting of a specific moment of trade between an Englishman bearing tapa and a Māori man bearing seafood. Tupaia's painting reflects the realm of the paintbrush, which implies possibilities and risks when the means of representation are held in indigenous hands.

Keywords:   Once Were Pacific, Māori, Pacific, colonized people, Tupaia, Englishman, tapa, seafood, indigenous hands

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