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Character, World, Consumption

Character, World, Consumption

(p.171) 5 Character, World, Consumption
Anime's Media Mix
Marc Steinberg
University of Minnesota Press

This chapter looks at the transformations in the media mix model undertaken by Kadokawa in the late 1980s and early 1990s. These transformations return the media mix to a kind of anime-centrism but also develop anime consumption further by heightening the relationship between character and narrative world incipient in anime’s earlier manifestations. It also examines the work of one of the agents of these transformations—the media mix writer and theorist Ōtsuka Eiji—for an account of the character and its importance in the generation of the media mix consumption system. It connects Ōtsuka’s work on the concept of the world (sekai) to the work of Italian theorist Maurizio Lazzarato, who suggests that capitalism no longer creates the product but rather creates the world in which the product exists. This relation between character and world thus proves to be a central axis within the anime system and within media capitalism more widely.

Keywords:   media mix model, Kadokawa, Ōtsuka Eiji, anime character, Maurizio Lazzarato, capitalism

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