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New Media States

New Media States

Web 2.0 and Embedded Video Practice

(p.36) 3 New Media States
Resolutions 3
Kenneth Rogers
University of Minnesota Press

This chapter focuses on embedded video practice, which situates the medium within a complex of social practices and media technologies. Realizing that the strategic interventions and nonstandard genres of the early decades of video practice have been institutionalized and incorporated into the culture at large, it turns to the video hosting sites of Web 2.0 and examines their potential for democratized, equitable access to video distribution. It looks at a video project produced in Mexico City, Monumento a Tenochitlán 40: Voces de tepito (Monument to Tenochitlan: Voices of the people), a social documentary about the 2007 expropriation of a large residential building by the Mexican government in a district known as Tepito. Monumento a Tenochitlán 40 demonstrates that the culture of Web 2.0 is a symptom of a new form of political and economic power that is partially realized in media technology, and more broadly extends into areas adjacent to that technology across the material surfaces of society.

Keywords:   embedded video practice, video hosting sites, Web 2.0, video distribution, political power, economic power, Monumento a Tenochitlán 40

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