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Screen Eroticisms

Screen Eroticisms

Exploring Female Desire in Feminist Film and Video

(p.258) 22 Screen Eroticisms
Resolutions 3
Amelia Jones
University of Minnesota Press

This chapter explores feminist art practice by addressing the profound technological and ideological shift in the feminist visualization and conceptualization of eroticism (and the sexed subject in general) in screen-based culture, from experimental cinema in its heyday of the 1960s to experimental video in the 1990s. It performs an extended comparative analysis of two major feminist screen-based projects, both of which are now viewed as classics within these media: Carolee Schneemann’s experimental film Fuses (1964–67) and Pipilotti Rist’s video Pickelporno (Pimple Porno, 1992). By focusing on these two pieces, each produced by a key feminist artist at different periods in the history of contemporary art and in different locations, the chapter seeks to explore the shifting articulation of a female eroticism through specific screen-based media (16 mm film and video, respectively), each with its own potential to render and position the human subject differently. Ultimately, by showing how each artist pushes the technological capacities of each medium to render different modes of female sexual agency through the spatial, temporal, and narrative capacities of each medium, the chapter points to broad transformations in beliefs about sexual identity and embodiment in the contemporary period.

Keywords:   feminist art, video art, eroticism, feminist visualization, Carolee Schneemann, Fuses, Pipilotti Rist, Pickelporno

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