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Tragedies without Witness

Tragedies without Witness

(p.182) 15 Tragedies without Witness
Resolutions 3
Lionel Manga
University of Minnesota Press

This chapter presents the author’s first-person narrative, where he pointedly critiques the privilege of access and entitlement often assumed by first-world scholars and artists, and contrasts them with the harsh realities of political repression, poverty, and social unrest in his hometown of Douala in Cameroon. He asks why there are so many tragedies going on around him without eyewitnesses reporting them. Given the ongoing wave of independent media, made possible by the widespread availability of portable digital devices dedicated to pictures, sounds, and more, how is it that there are still blind spots in the world that is so caught up in a digital frenzy/revolution? He suggests that we are still far from achieving a global village; that some territories remain invisible and seeking visibility is a political challenge.

Keywords:   Cameroon, poverty, repression, social unrest, Douala

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