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Video Cinema Ether (VCE)

Video Cinema Ether (VCE)

(p.145) 12 Video Cinema Ether (VCE)
Resolutions 3
Akira Mizuta Lippit
University of Minnesota Press

In the years leading to and including the turn of the millennium, components of the video apparatus, including TV sets, VCRs, video cameras, editing equipment, and videotapes, came to resemble artifacts from an era whose images could no longer be replayed. As a technology of vanishing and itself a vanishing technology, the image of the video apparatus engenders a total displacement of space and time and of the bodies that inhabit them. Video reveals an end of the world; in its end video takes the world with it, leaving behind a space filled only with video ether. This chapter examines the representation of the obsolete, analog video technology in the Ringu series of Japanese supernatural horror films and their Hollywood copies. Here the obsolete VHS videotape returns as a lost object and ghost to replicate itself in both the filmic narratives and our contemporary mediascape, virally contaminating both with its video ether.

Keywords:   analog video technology, Ringu, horror films, VHS, videotapes

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