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Media Arts as Intervention

Media Arts as Intervention

(p.134) 11 Media Arts as Intervention
Resolutions 3
Yvonne Spielmann
University of Minnesota Press

This chapter considers some examples in the international media arts that can be identified as aesthetic/cultural interventions, i.e. they demonstrate decisive strategies of creative intervention into the corporate/commercial products of the media cultural environment that surrounds us globally. In particular, it looks at aesthetic practices in media arts in Europe and Japan. The task is to widen the horizon of discussion and argue for overcoming some of the existing barriers between media and cultural discourses, and also between arts and media. It is not about identifying peculiar Japanese and European media arts. The more interesting question is what are the overriding, effective, and suitable strategies for processes of intervention, dialogue, and violation that can cope with standard media tools and technologies that spread out everywhere.

Keywords:   artists, medial tools, aesthetic intervention, cultural intervention, international media arts

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