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Moving Images

Moving Images

On Video Art Markets and Distribution

(p.1) 1 Moving Images
Resolutions 3
Lucas Hilderbrand
University of Minnesota Press

This chapter examines three models for distributing and marketing video art: (i) the gallery-based installation with art market prices; (ii) the distribution of single-channel works with institutional pricing for universities, libraries, and museums; and (iii) a grassroots model premised on the free circulation of media, whether initiated by a collective spirit in production or by a logic of sharing among audiences. It argues that galleries and distributors continue to help us understand media practices in the contexts of broader art histories and even in relation to the same artists’ other works. They exist to make the work public and to help it circulate. At the same time, video sharing arises from a spirit of setting the media free, and new Web video sharing sites help works to circulate farther and faster. All three institutional models of distribution remain essential, even as the form remains ever on the move.

Keywords:   video art distribution, video art marketing, galleries, distributors, video sharing

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