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The Biography of an Unknown Native Engineer

The Biography of an Unknown Native Engineer

(p.73) 3 The Biography of an Unknown Native Engineer
A Joint Enterprise
Preeti Chopra
University of Minnesota Press

This chapter seeks to revise the account of who built Bombay by introducing a new set of actors—Indian civil engineers who worked for the government and who also participated in the construction of major civic buildings that represented the Raj. They have been long neglected not only because their work and biographies are not well documented, but also because they have no place in this narrative. The chapter focuses on the career of one individual, Indian architect and engineer Khan Bahadur Muncherji C. Murzban. It shows that Murzban did not simply superintend the construction of buildings in Bombay; he was the architect of several Victorian buildings in Bombay.

Keywords:   Bombay, Indian civil engineers, architects, civic buildings, Raj, Khan Bahadur Muncherji C. Murzban

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