Crossing through ChuecaLesbian Literary Culture in Queer Madrid

Crossing through ChuecaLesbian Literary Culture in Queer Madrid

Jill Robbins

Print publication date: 2015

ISBN: 9780816669899

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press


In the past two decades the city of Madrid has been marked by pride, feminism, and globalization—but also by the vestiges of the machismo nurtured during the long years of the Franco dictatorship. This book examines how lesbian literary culture fares in this mix from the end of the countercultural movement la movida madrileña in 1988 until the gay marriage march in 2005. This book traverses the various literary spaces of the city associated with queer culture, in particular the gay barrio of Chueca, revealing how it is a product of interrelations—a site crisscrossed by a multiplicity of subjects who constitute it as a queer space through the negotiation of their sexual, racial, gender, and class identities. The book recognizes Chueca as a political space as well, a refuge from homophobia. It also shows how the spatial and literary practices of Chueca relate to economic issues. In examining how women’s sexual identities have become visible in and through the Chueca phenomenon, this work is a revealing example of transnational queer studies within the broader Western discussion on gender and sexuality.