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African, Portuguese, and Brazilian Interconnections

African, Portuguese, and Brazilian Interconnections

The Lusophone Transatlantic Matrix

(p.1) Chapter 1 African, Portuguese, and Brazilian Interconnections
Lusophone Africa
Fernando Arenas
University of Minnesota Press

This chapter illustrates an analytical framework for understanding the development of Lusophone Africa in relation to the Portuguese-speaking world, particularly Portugal and Brazil. The interconnectedness between the nations within the “Lusophone transatlantic matrix” sprang from their collective experience of Portuguese colonialism and the slave trade that also involved both the colonial and independent Brazil. The chapter also details Lusophone Africa’s ideological, cultural, political, and material linkages with Portugal and Brazil, all of which are grounded in the colonial era. It highlights the emergence of Afro-Portuguese culture; the impact of Brazilian popular culture to Africa, as well as Brazil’s African roots; the dissemination of Portuguese and Brazilian media across Lusophone Africa; and the developing economic and political relations of Africa to both Portugal and Brazil.

Keywords:   Lusophone Africa, Portugal, colonial Brazil, independent Brazil, colonial era, Afro-Portuguese culture, Brazilian popular culture

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