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What Edges Do

(p.221) Conclusion
Saigon's Edge
Erik Harms
University of Minnesota Press

This concluding chapter focuses on the story of Saigon’s edge that is entangled with the story of urban transformation. It discusses the dramatic changes in the Vietnamese political and economic orientation to socialism, capitalism, and global integration. It examines the legacy of the Vietnamese Revolution and its changing trajectory in the postwar and postrenovation period. It aims to show the key role of pure rural and urban differences play in social life. It argues that to live on the edge of the city is to live not only in material world with special challenges but in a world forged out of concepts and social meanings. These concepts and meanings transform the way people experience the material world, and the material world, thus transformed, also transforms the space within which social concepts take on meaning.

Keywords:   Saigon, urban transformation, socialism, capitalism, global integration, social life, social concepts

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