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Power and Exclusion on the Edge

Power and Exclusion on the Edge

The Conflation of Rural and Urban Spaces

(p.61) 2. Power and Exclusion on the Edge
Saigon's Edge
Erik Harms
University of Minnesota Press

This chapter provides a thorough discussion of the conflation of order with progress, modernization, and development in Hóc Môn. It argues that people cannot see the material transformations and social problems that develop out of the conflation of rural and urban spaces. In this conflation, the vegetable gardens suffer from poisonous run-off from the industries that surround them, and the rice fields are mined for soil that is carted to various parts of the district and into the inner city for use in filling the foundations of new construction projects. It explains that understanding life on the edge requires moving back and forth between the symbolic categories of space and the everyday experiences of lives lived within the space.

Keywords:   Hóc Môn, modernization, rural spaces, urban spaces, construction projects

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