Cinema's AlchemistThe Films of Péter Forgács

Cinema's AlchemistThe Films of Péter Forgács

Bill Nichols and Michael Renov

Print publication date: 2015

ISBN: 9780816648740

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press


Péter Forgács, based in Budapest, is best known for his award-winning films built on home movies from the 1930s to the 1960s that document ordinary lives soon to intersect with offscreen historical events. This book offers an exploration of the imagination and skill with which Forgács reshapes such film footage, originally intended for private and personal viewing, into extraordinary films dedicated to remembering the past in ways that matter for our future.

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Part I Setting the Scene

1 Péter Forgács

Scott Macdonald

2 The Memory of Loss

Péter Forgács and Bill Nichols, in Dialogue

Part II The Holocaust Films

4 Ordinary Film

Michael S. Roth

7 The Trace

Malin Wahlberg

Part III Other Films/Other Contexts

8 How to Make History Perceptible

Roger Odin, translated by Bill Nichols with the assistance of Claudia Leger

11 The World Rewound

Whitney Davis

12 Taking the Part for the Whole

Tamás Korányi, translated by David Robert Evans

13 Analytical Spaces

László F. Földényi, translated by David Robert Evans