Couture and ConsensusFashion and Politics in Postcolonial Argentina

Couture and ConsensusFashion and Politics in Postcolonial Argentina

Regina A. Root

Print publication date: 2015

ISBN: 9780816647934

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press


Following Argentina’s revolution in 1810, the dress of young patriots inspired a nation and distanced its politics from the relics of Spanish colonialism. Fashion writing often escaped the notice of authorities, allowing authors to masquerade political ideas under the guise of frivolity and entertainment. This book maps this pivotal and overlooked facet of Argentine cultural history, showing how politics emerged from dress to disrupt authoritarian practices and stimulate creativity in a newly independent nation. Drawing from genres as diverse as fiction, poetry, songs, and fashion magazines, the text offers a sartorial history that produces an original understanding of how Argentina forged its identity during the regime of Juan Manuel de Rosas (1829—1852), a critical historical time. The book closely analyzes military uniforms, women’s dress, and the novels of the era to reveal fashion’s role in advancing an agenda and disseminating political goals, notions the book connects to the contemporary moment.